Performance and Development Review

Professional Service Reviewers

This section contains everything you need to know as a Reviewer in the Administrative, Management & Specialist, Operational or Technical job family, within a School or Professional Service.

PDRs and the impact of Covid-19

It is essential that at the outset of the PDR meeting, the reviewer and reviewee reflect on the objectives  set in their 2020 PDR and whether the reviewee has been able to meet them bearing in mind the impact of the disruption caused by Covid-19.

There are a number of valid reasons why colleagues may not have met their objectives, especially but not limited to those which were agreed before the pandemic. It is therefore important that reviewees and reviewers discuss the particular circumstances within which an employee has worked during 2020 before an assessment of their performance can be made.

No one should be penalised for failing to meet objectives which were disrupted by the pandemic. This could be because they’ve had to divert their attention to other activities to respond to the virus, for example, converting to online teaching or it could be because the employee has had additional caring responsibilities which has impacted on how much work they have been able to do, e.g. home schooling children while schools were closed.

Where it is identified that objectives haven’t been met as a result of the pandemic, the reviewer and reviewee should reflect on the work that has been undertaken instead and a performance assessment can be assigned on this basis. Where individual reviewers are unsure on how to proceed, they should seek advice from their Dean or Director before making a final recommendation.

Senior Reviewer Groups will also be responsible for monitoring the school/service approach and ensuring fairness and consistency before final ratings are confirmed.