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What it takes to reach the top: Breaking the glass ceiling in the Indian Army

Lieutenant General (Dr) Madhuri Kanitkar will be holding a talk on Friday 14 October 12pm-2pm in Room Dav 0.29, Sir David Davies.

She holds senior national positions in both India’s military and Higher Education establishments, and has challenged gender stereotypes in both spheres, driving positive change.

Dr Madhuri trained as a medical student in the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, where she quickly excelled, coming first in each of her years of study. Combining a medical and military career, she rose through the ranks and became Dean of the college. She now holds several academic leadership positions and, in 2021, was appointed the Vice-Chancellor of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.

Having recently retired as a General Officer in the Indian Army, Lieutenant General (Dr) Madhuri Kanitkar was promoted to a Three-star rank and served as the Deputy Director General of the Armed Forces Medical Services. Since leaving the army, she now serves on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council.

In her talk she will discuss her career and the challenges she has faced, hoping to inspire staff and students

If you would like to attend please email Tom Carslake: