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Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) Learning Module now available

As an institution, one of our strategic aims is to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Loughborough University is committed to taking action against the negative impacts our processes, procedures, and policies have on students and staff.

The Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) helps us analyse those to make sure that they do not discriminate or disadvantage people. 

We are excited to share with you the Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) Learning Module available through the Learn portal.  

The learning module created by the EDI team in collaboration with Organisational Development is designed in an intuitive and interactive way to explain how EIAs are an important tool for identifying and using opportunities to promote equity. 

Who should engage with this?  

Individuals who make the decision or advise the decision-maker about a policy, process, function or need to undertake the equality impact assessment, with appropriate assistance and support. 

The accountable person for ensuring an EIA is carried out in line with this guidance will be anyone with responsibility over a policy, process, or procedure. This includes the relevant Dean, Director, Head of Department, and Chair of Committees under which the policy or procedure falls.  

Deans, Directors, or Chairs may at their discretion nominate ‘EIA Reviewers’ who would hold the responsibility to ensure the EIAs are conducted according to guidance. 

This module will be effective in helping you build and increase confidence in the delivery of EIA’s and to understand that completing them will positively impact our policymaking.  

Together, we can progress the University forward through our actions.  

Thanks to the Learning Module you will be able to answer questions like: 

  • What are the key steps to follow in the process of creating an EIA? 

  • Who can conduct an EIA? 

  • When should you be preparing it? 

  • How to fill out the EIA form step by step? 

Equality Impact Assessments are your chance to build a more equitable environment here at Loughborough and the learning module will support you to get the biggest impact out of your EIAs.