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Let's Talk Loughborough Disability History Month

Let’s Talk Loughborough talks about disability, health and wellbeing for Disability History Month

In the latest episode, Let’s Talk Loughborough welcomes Spencer Graydon, Chief Executive of Imago Venues and Erin Johnston, Disability Officer from LSU, to celebrate and discuss Disability History Month.

This year’s theme is Disability, Health and Wellbeing, and this episode delves into how having a disability can affect wellbeing, and what can be done to improve it. Spencer and Erin talk about their own experiences as well as sharing information about how the Staff Inclusivity Group and the Disability Support Network support people at Loughborough.

Spencer reflects on why Disability History Month is important and said: “My own challenges are around mental health and I only started talking about it three years ago. That’s 47 years where I decided not to talk about it.

“I think [it’s important] giving people the opportunity to do that and also reflect and look back on how far we’ve come. That’s not to say we are where we need to be, I always believe there is a long way to go but I do think that sometimes we should celebrate that we have come a way.”

Erin added: “It is such a big time for us to talk about all different disabilities, how it affects people. I do think it shouldn’t just be one month that we think about it but it definitely is a reminder for us to start the conversation about it.”

Let’s Talk Loughborough is available to listen to on all mainstream podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It can also be viewed on the University’s YouTube channel. 

The University has created a dedicated microsite for Disability History Month with details on the event programme, access to support and external resources.

Resources mentioned in the episode: