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Support for staff and students distressed by recent worldwide events

We recognise that some of our staff and student community will have been deeply affected by recent events in America, where ten people were murdered as part of a racially motivated attack in Buffalo, New York.

We would therefore like to draw attention to our staff and student support services: 

Student Services (Email:, Tel: 01509 222765) offer a range of support, including mental health and wellbeing, and advice specifically for international students. Support for London students is also available by emailing or calling 020 3805 1303/1351. 

The Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity team run BAME-specific support groups for students which can be accessed via the referral form here

The Staff Counselling Service is available to all University employees, giving you the opportunity to talk confidentially to a professionally trained person who is outside your immediate situation. Colleagues can also access support through our Employee Assistance Programme, as well as our Mental Health First Aiders

BAME-specific counselling is also available to staff. To access this service, please email Diddy Elliot, Counselling Practice Lead – all details will be kept confidential. Should you need some time away, we would like to draw attention to our compassionate leave arrangements, including our specific policy related to race-based stress, which offers pre-approved compassionate leave for the reason of race-based stress. 

The Centre for Faith and Spirituality (Email:, Tel: 01509 223741) also offers staff and students a space for reflection and has chaplains of various faiths.  

Our Staff Networks also exist to provide peer to peer connection and support. 

We would also like to remind our staff and student community that the University would like to offer support to those who are affected or worried about the ongoing war in Ukraine. More information can be found here