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Student Services online tool for reporting incidents

Loughborough University has an online tool for reporting incidents affecting students.

The tool can be used to report incidents of:

  • Domestic violence (including honour-based)
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Stalking
  • Hate incidents (including racism, homophobia, etc)
  • Safeguarding
  • Sexual violence
  • Mental health and wellbeing (including self-harm and suicide attempts)
  • Problematic substance misuse
  • Other welfare concerns

All incidents reported are handled by trained specialist support staff based in Student Services.

Whilst we understand writing things down and submitting a report can be intimidating, it is important that students feel they can report something that happens to them or someone else. Staff can also report on behalf of students.

When reporting an incident students can decide how much information to include, such as whether they want to identify themselves or remain anonymous and the action they are seeking.  Where appropriate, the University may respond with disciplinary action under the formal procedures set out in Ordinance XVII Conduct and Discipline of Students, but such action will only be taken with the agreement of the student reporting unacceptable behaviour.

Students can also indicate what support they would like to receive from the University, if any.

For further information, and to access the reporting tool, visit the online portal.