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Paper supply for campus printing

Along with many consumables right now, there is a paper supply crisis. Brexit, Covid and strikes at European paper mills have meant that in addition to prices skyrocketing, some supplies are being abruptly stopped.

The result is that our standard A4 office paper stock, Evolution A4, held in every swipe card printer across the Loughborough and London campuses is no longer available.

With support from our colleagues in the Procurement Team, we have been able to source new stock from Steinbeis Papier.

Steinbeis No. 1 is 100% recycled. Processed without any environmental harmful bleaching agents (chlorine, chlorine dioxide, or other halogenated bleaching agents) the paper is certified to Blue Angel and EU-Ecolabel. This paper can also be recycled after use.

With immediate effect, this paper has become the replacement stock supplied to all campus printers. The cost of paper in the campus printers is charged via the monthly print charges, based on user usage.

When you order paper for a campus printer you will need to apply a discount code. Please get in touch via for the code you need.

If you require a whiter sheet for presentation purposes you can order alternative paper supplies, at cost, via our Online Shop.