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LSU Executive Elections candidates

Loughborough Students’ Union Executive Officer candidates announced

It is time to choose the Executive Officers that will represent you for the upcoming academic year.

The candidates for the following positions have now been revealed:

  • President – lead representative of LSU and line manager of the Executive Officers
  • Democracy and Communities Executive Officer – leads on democracy and representation, supports student communities and ensures all students can engage in opportunities provided by LSU
  • Academic Experience Executive Officer – acts to ensure the academic interests of all students are represented to the University, and to work alongside LSU's Academic Representation, Advice, and Peer Support teams
  • Sport Executive Officer – represents the sporting interests of students and is President of the Athletic Union and Chair of Student Sport Senate
  • Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer – leads on equality, diversity, inclusion, welfare and wellbeing

You can find out more about each candidate by reading their manifestos and by watching The Soapbox, a live interview programme hosted by LSU Media on 6 March.

Voting opens at 9am on 7 March and closes at 4pm on 9 March.

More information on the elections can be found here.