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Volunteers still needed for COVID-19 test using saliva samples

Researchers in the School of Mechanical Electronic and Manufacturing Engineering are looking for volunteers to complete the clinical trial of a new rapid antigen-based COVID-19 test using saliva samples.

The project, led by Dr Sourav Ghosh, aims to improve both the ease and accuracy of testing using just a saliva sample with no need for nasal or throat swabbing.

The new test also aims to cut down on waste from additional packaging as well as swab sticks. Participants just spit into the sample tube using a small funnel that will be provided in the same kit. Only one packet needs to be opened.

As part of this study, saliva samples from healthy individuals (control group) will be evaluated using the test under development and validated against the laboratory-standard qRT-PCR.

Please register your interest via this online form by 10 February 2022.

Registered participants will be emailed further details of the study and electronic forms on informed consent and health questionnaire for online submission. On receipt of the completed electronic forms, fit-to-participate individuals will be contacted with instructions on sample collection.

The samples may be donated at a designated place in the Wolfson Building or can be collected from the place of choice of the participant. The exact date and location of sample collection will be coordinated with the participants nearer the time.

Participation in this study will be very helpful for the project and greatly appreciated.

This project is supported by Enterprise Project Group (EPG) funding, which is available to support academic staff, research staff and research students in creating impact from their work.