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Photo of the fountain lit up red to raise awareness of World Encephalitis Day.

University to raise awareness of World Encephalitis Day (22 February)

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, caused either by an infection invading the brain (infectious encephalitis) or through the immune system attacking the brain in error (post-infectious or autoimmune encephalitis).

Anyone can be affected by the condition and there are up to 6,000 cases in the UK each year. Despite this, it is believed that a large proportion of the public do not know what encephalitis is.   

As in previous years, to raise awareness the University fountain located outside of the Hazlerigg and Rutland buildings will be lit up red from 14-28 February. The colour red has been chosen to support the #Red4WED campaign.   

Members of the University community are also invited to take part in the BrainWalk fundraising challenge throughout the month as part of the University’s team. The challenge encourages users to get outside and exercise, so whether you choose to walk, jog or run as your challenge, all are welcome to sign up and set their target.   

You can join Loughborough’s BrainWalk team here - please note you do not need to donate to take part. 

More information about encephalitis can be found by visiting the Encephalitis Society website