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Information on LGBT+ networks for staff and students

The University has two networks for those who identify as LGBT+ - the LGBT+ Staff Network and the Students’ Union LGBT+ Association.

The staff network encompasses all staff that identify as LGBT+ or who are allies*.

They have monthly meetings that are open for all to attend at any time. Staff come together to highlight LGBT+-related issues on our campuses and organise events and campaigns for awareness and celebration. They also provide a space dedicated to ensuring that LGBT+ staff are represented, supported, valued and have a structure through which they can instigate change.

All staff are treated with the highest level of respect for privacy, and the network aims to support everyone no matter what stage they are in their own personal journey.

More information on the LGBT+ Staff Network can be found here. You can also contact the Chair, Chris McLeod via email –

The Students’ Union LGBT+ Association is part of the Loughborough Students’ Union Welfare and Diversity section so you don’t need to sign up as a member, simply show up for the events the group is running.  

They look to create a safe, fun and empowering space for LGBT+ people and allies* by hosting a diverse range of events and campaigns throughout the year as well as offering ongoing support and opportunities, facilitated by the committee.

They also have social and support sub-groups for trans students, aro/ace students, and students from ethnic or faith minority backgrounds, as well as sub-groups for those looking to participate in sports or voluntary outreach and education work with local schools.

More information on the Students’ Union LGBT+ Association is available here. You can also get in touch with Issie Bickerstaff, the LSU LGBT+ Officer, directly by emailing w& or

* An ally is someone that aligns with and supports a cause with another individual or group of people