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Loughborough Wellbeing Framework launched for staff after successful pilot

Work plays a significant part in our lives, and not just in providing a source of income. Working is good for our health and wellbeing, it provides structure, a sense of purpose, opportunities to build confidence and self-esteem along with building connections and communities.

Today (22 September), the University’s People and Organisational Development department has launched a brand-new wellbeing framework for staff members. 

It follows a successful pilot period conducted earlier in the year which allowed us to have feedback on the training and set up the communication routes for this dynamic project. The framework aims to ensure that not only does the University embed healthy practices in the workplace, but that staff feel empowered to be a part of this important journey too.  

It forms an integral part of the People Strategy, falling under Priority 4: Workload, Wellbeing and Resilience.  

The framework focuses on areas such as leadership, diversity and inclusion, attendance, physical health, mental health, caring responsibilities and financial management.  

Sarah Van-Zoelen, Occupational Health Manager at the University commented: “Being part of a supportive and inclusive workplace can prevent physical and mental health problems, and help people struggling with their health to stay at work and thrive. 

“Here at Loughborough, we want to empower employees and be able to support them during life’s challenges, which is why we’ve developed this wellbeing framework for both of our campuses with differing levels of implementation becoming available over the coming years.” 

To complement the framework, the Occupational Health and Wellbeing department are recruiting Wellbeing Champions within Schools and Professional Services to deliver bespoke health and wellbeing support, raise awareness, provide training, and offer guidance in their areas. 

These Champions will become advocates of the framework and will assist managers and colleagues in building communities, improving wellbeing, and fostering diverse and inclusive working environments.  

If you’d like to apply to be a Wellbeing Champion you can read the job description and fill out the form here.  

Professor Chris Linton, Acting Vice-Chancellor and President added: “The physical and mental wellbeing of our staff is vital. The environment in which we work is a critical factor in enabling people to take the steps necessary to ensure that they thrive and to support others who may be struggling. I am delighted to see this initiative which will help to embed wellbeing at the heart of all that we do.” 

More information about the Wellbeing Framework is available to read online.