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Nightclub attendee workshop callout poster

Regular nightclub-goers sought for workshop connected to immunity certificates study

Regular (or used to be) attendees of nightclubs are asked to attend an online participatory workshop next week to assist with a project looking at the creation of COVID-19 immunity certificates.

This hour and a half workshop is open to those aged 18 to 24-years-old and taking place on Monday 20 September 14:00-15.30pm.

Participants are asked to share their thoughts on COVID-19 immunity certificates in nightclubs and discuss what these may look like.

Everyone who attends will receive a £15 Amazon voucher for their time.

If you wish to participate or have any questions, please email:

This research is connected to the UKRI-funded Immunity Passport Service Design Project. More information on the study can be found in this press release