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Loughborough to host collaborative inaugural event on ‘The Science of Wheelchair Rugby’

Following the successes at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, Loughborough University is pleased to be hosting a collaborative event with World Wheelchair Rugby (WWR) to investigate the science behind the sport.

This online event, held on Wednesday 22 September between 1pm – 6:30pm, will bring together practitioners, coaches, medical staff, and students interested in sports science, medicine, physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and coaching.

Colleagues from the University’s Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport will contribute to topics including classification, thermoregulation, autonomic dysreflexia, shoulder health, nutrition and much more, which will provide a platform for future study.

The International event has speakers and chairpersons from Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and USA and includes:

  • Dr Viola Altman, one of the most experienced WWR Classifiers in the sport and Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Rehabilitation at Loughborough University.
  • Dr Ken Lee, WWR Chief Medical Officer and Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA).
  • Dr Sven Hoekstra, Research Assistant of the PHC at Loughborough University.

Prof Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey, Director of the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport (PHC), has been involved with advancing the scientific knowledge behind wheelchair rugby performance for over ten years.

This exciting partnership with WWR has been made possible via discussions with Steve Griffiths, WWR CEO over the last year.

For further information on the full programme of events and to secure your virtual ticket, click HERE