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Donate your unwanted bras to a good cause

Loughborough Students’ Union has teamed up with Woollies of the World to collect unwanted bras to support Against Breast Cancer, a charity that focuses on funding research to improve the detection and treatment of secondary breast cancer.

You can place your bras in donation bins in the following places around campus until 10 October:

  • EHB: In the main entrance foyer
  • Wolfson Café: By the foyer
  • S Building foyer
  • Sir David Davies Café: By the staircase
  • Charnwood Building: In between the reception and the café
  • Sport Park foyer
  • ATIC café area
  • LSU: In the living room next to the shop
  • LSU: Upstairs in the Student Hub, next to the Action Office

If you are a student in halls, your Action Rep will also be collecting donations in your common room or dining hall.

Bras that are in good condition will be sent to women in countries in Africa including Togo, Ghana and Kenya, where bras are very expensive to produce locally. This venture enables women to set up their own small bra businesses, generating an income to support themselves and their families.

All other bras will be sent to a recycling centre and for every tonne of bras they recycle they will donate £700 to Against Breast Cancer.

You can find out more about the recycling scheme here and more information on the work Against Breast Cancer does is available here.

Woollies of the World is a knitting group that aims to support charities through local campaigns. Loughborough Students’ Union is working with them to collect donations and increase the reach of the campaign.