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Photo of one of the tree necklaces on the University campus. It is a piece of wood with writing on providing information about the tree it is wrapped around.

Discover the Tree Necklaces around our University campus

Biodiversity is critical to our lives. We depend on the natural services healthy ecosystems provide for every breath of air we take and every mouthful of food we consume.

And there's a lot more to nature's skyscrapers than meets the eye. They've all got their own quirks and traits. The right trees, in the right places, can help combat climate breakdown and restore nature.   

The biodiversity they provide also enriches our lives. We value the chance to get close to nature, and there's a growing mountain of evidence to show that green spaces are good for our mental and physical wellbeing. 

At the University, there are over 250 different species of trees on campus. Every single tree is a valued part of the green infrastructure and is cared for and protected by the Gardens team.   

To celebrate our trees and the critical role they play, the team has singled out particular trees of interest and created ‘tree necklaces’ which detail information about the tree and its value to the environment; be it for aesthetic or historical reasons, age, as a pollinator, a roost, valuable habitat or any other reason.  

The discs, which form part of the necklace, have been made on campus using limbs from a fallen oak. The oak was sliced and planed (creating a smooth surface), and once the text had been added by hand, they were varnished and carefully drilled so they could be attached to the trees without damaging them. 

So head out and learn more about some of the fascinating tree species that reside on our campus – from the Tibetan Cherry (Prunus serrula Tibetica) at the rear of Hazlerigg Building, the Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa bigonioides)  found outside the Stewart Mason building, Small-leafed Limes (Tilia cordata) along Car Park 4a or the English oak (Qurecus robur) in front of EHB Games Park.  

The Gardens Team plan to add to the collection over time so be sure to keep a keen lookout for a new tree necklace near your building or halls.