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Update from the Library for the new academic year

The Pilkington Library is your one-stop shop for borrowing books, booking study spaces and accessing resources.

Below are the key things you need to know about using the Library:

Auto-renewals for Library books:

The Library has changed the way books are renewed this year, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally returning books late. As long as a book isn’t requested, it will renew automatically for you - up to 12 times. If you need a book and there isn’t one on our shelves, make sure you place a request on it, so the people who have the book know they need to return it.

Study space booking system (LibCal)

The Library has a wide range of study spaces available to book on all levels of the Library – from individual study desks to study rooms and booths. Make your reservation online if you want to book a particular space in advance.

Subject Guides:

To find information for your assessments quickly, check the Library’s subject guides.  These give you access to databases and online collections for journal articles and other information. If you want to see all of the databases available for articles, company information, data, statistics and more, you can also check out the ‘all databases’ webpage.

Enquiries and consultations:

If you are struggling to find the information you need for your module or assessments, you can contact us via

Study skills resources:

It can be helpful to remind yourself of some tips for studying effectively at university. The Study Skills module on Learn covers all the key skills from academic reading to searching for information, in bite-size videos, advice sheets and external resources.