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Rolls-Royce Chief Technology Officer to deliver RAEng lecture: Aviation Propulsion – Past, Present and Future

Paul Stein FREng, Chief Technology Officer, Rolls-Royce plc will deliver the Royal Academy of Engineering East Midlands Regional Lecture on Wednesday 27 October.

Aviation is said to be entering its third generation of propulsion. The first generation, heralded by the Wright Brothers, used piston engines for the very first powered flight. The 1940s saw the dawn of the jet age which has evolved into the quiet efficient aircraft we use today. Now for the first time, we can use electrification in the propulsion chains of manned aircraft for entirely electric shorter journeys and hybrid electric medium-length routes.

To decarbonise medium to long haul flight we need highly efficient gas turbines burning fuels that do not use fossil-based carbon (SAFs). This huge shift in aviation propulsion is referred to as the third generation of aviation. And, to create the huge volumes of SAFs required, we are looking to low-cost nuclear energy, eventually to replace biosources. 

Aviation Propulsion Past, Present and Future will unpack the key milestones and technical challenges of the first, second and third generation of powered flight.

The event takes place in person at 5.30pm in West Park Teaching Hub. Refreshments will be available at 5pm.

 All are welcome, however, there will be limited places with appropriate Covid-19 safety measures in place, so please register online, in advance. 

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