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Staying safe on campus

Keeping students safe at Loughborough is of the utmost importance, which is why we have a dedicated Security team who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on-site. They regularly patrol our campus and the surrounding halls, as well as dealing with all emergencies on campus and other issues related to crime and traffic.

You can contact them on 01509 222141 or in an emergency, phone 0800 526966. The Security phone number can also be found on the back of your Student ID card. 

However, we know incidents can still occur, which is why we want to explain some of the steps students can also take to prevent crime and increase their level of safety whilst studying at the University. 

Keep your accommodation and possessions safe and secure 

If you live in halls of residence or off-campus in private housing, it can be easy to forget to fully close your windows when you leave. Try to think ahead and lock any doors or windows before you go out to avoid providing an opportunity for criminals to steal your possessions. It’s also worth considering moving any expensive or sentimental items out of sight where possible (for example, not leaving valuable items on your windowsill). 

For those staying in halls, possessions insurance is included in your contract and covers a range of items (such as clothing and tech equipment) but note that this does not include possessions outside of your room. All ground floor windows should have retaining locks kept in position too - but if you notice any that are broken or missing please report these to your Hall Management team immediately. 

Protect your bike and other everyday items such as your phone 

Our campus provides a bike-friendly environment, which is why it’s one of the most popular modes of transport for many of our students. We have numerous secure bike racks dotted around campus, a number of which are under cover. For a full list of bike rack locations, visit our campus map and go to ‘Transport and Parking’. 

We recommend that you register your bike with Security if you haven’t already. That way, if your bike is reported missing and recovered, it can easily be returned to you. You can also write your details on your bike with a UV pen, as it makes it easier to identify if it is yours if found. We recommend writing your name and student number.  

On average, approximately 250,000 – 300,000 phones are stolen and reported to the Police each year in the UK. They’re easy targets for thieves, so try to avoid having it out too much or in view of anybody that seems suspicious. You can register your phone for free online to increase the chances of recovering it should it ever be stolen or lost.  

Stay aware 

Our campus can be accessed by members of the public as well as staff and students. Although the majority are welcome and wanted guests, it’s important to stay aware when letting people into secure (eg access required) buildings behind you, or propping doors open. An example might be when entering your hall block, but you don’t recognise the person. If you feel safe and comfortable, you can challenge them for proof of staff or student ID before letting them in after you.  

Please note as part of a new measure we are now locking the gate leading from Falkner Eggington Hall to Forest Road from 6.30pm-5.30am as of 20 November 2021.