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Blue visual with text on and images to represent the 2021 PGT Degree Showcase

School of Design and Creative Arts launches 2021 Postgraduate Taught Degree Show

From today (10 November), the School of Design and Creative Arts is delighted to share a virtual exhibition to staff, students and the public showcasing work by its postgraduate students.

The online exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate the work of the students and encompasses work from across four subject areas: 

  • Graphic Design and Visualisation 

  • Ergonomics and Human Factors 

  • Integrated Industrial Design  

  • User Experience Design 

The students have used their work for good, exploring societal issues and developing tools and support services for unrepresented and vulnerable groups.  

Examples include an app by Benedict Blyth that helps the political views of young people who are passionate about certain issues to be heard by politicians and relevant organisations, and a service called Altrivity created by Lilymae Prescott, focused on facilitating physical activity opportunities for women who struggle with mental barriers and fitting exercise into their daily lives.  

Visual concept of app called 'Heard' designed by Benedict Blyth. H‌eard by Benedict Blyth

Ziqun Hua has designed Buzz for her final project, a product aimed at supporting visually impaired people to learn to play musical instruments, whilst Tara Janes created an app and service solution to help survivors of abuse through a multi-feature channel that provides advice and one-to-one meetings with support workers.  

Visual concept of app and online service by Tanya Janes, which aims to support survivors of abuse
S‌afeHands by Tara Janes

The exhibition can be viewed here.