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Let's Talk Loughborough podcast

Loughborough launches new podcast for staff and students

Loughborough University has launched ‘Let’s Talk Loughborough’ – a podcast that brings you up to date with the latest on campus.

Each episode will feature interesting interviews from staff and students across the University, discussing everything from dealing with exam anxiety to tips on how to be a good leader. You will also get an insight into the different roles staff play on campus.

The first episode sees student host Jemima Biodun-Bello, and her co-host, Communications Assistant, Soph Dinnie, interview Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nick Jennings.

He shares his plans for his first year at Loughborough, gives an insight into his research and discusses how he has found his first month at the University.

He also shares his best piece of advice when it comes to being a good leader: “Don’t be afraid of saying ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’m not sure about that’. Sometimes leaders are afraid of this because they think that as a leader they should know everything and I just don’t think that is possible for any large, complex organisation.

“Be happy and be confident enough to say ‘actually I don’t know, can you please explain that’. Have the confidence to say those things and listen to diverse views.”

Let’s Talk Loughborough is available to listen to on all mainstream podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It can also be viewed on the University’s Youtube channel.

The first episode, Let’s Talk: AI, Leadership and Star Wars with VC Nick, is available to listen to now.