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Photo of bikes in sheltered bike rack on campus

Keeping your bike secure at University

Our campus provides a bike-friendly environment, which is why it’s one of the most popular modes of transport for many of our students. We have numerous secure bike racks dotted around campus, a number of which are under cover.

For a full list of bike rack locations, visit our campus map and go to ‘Transport and Parking’.  

We recommend that you register your bike with the Security team if you haven’t already - simply visit the Security Building via the Main Entrance to speak to a member of the team. That way, if your bike is reported missing and recovered, it can easily be returned to you. You can also write your details on your bike with a UV pen, as it makes it easier to identify if it is yours if found. We recommend writing your name and student number.  

It’s also important to use a D-lock as opposed to a cable lock; although cable locks are light, durable, and easy to carry around, with the right tools, thieves can easily break or undo these and take your bike. 

If you have a cable lock, you can take it to the Security Building and exchange it for a free D-lock instead, which is much more secure. When using a lock, ensure both the frame and back wheel are secured to the bike rack.