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Loughborough expert features in Physiology and Climate Change guide

Loughborough’s Professor George Havenith features in a new guide produced by the Physiological Society to showcase the contribution of physiologists to climate change research.

Professor Havenith, who is based in the School of Design and Creative Arts, is a world-leading expert in environmental physiology and ergonomics, and Director of the University’s Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre.

The Physiology and Climate Change guide highlights the work of physiologists across the world to understand and find solutions for the climate crisis.

In his section of the guide Professor Havenith, along with Professor Ollie Jay from the University of Sydney, Australia, discuss how physiology can be used to tackle health problems resulting from heat extremes.

“We’ve been looking for years and years at people exposed to extreme climates,” explains Professor Havenith.

“We’ve been focusing on people overheating with very high core temperatures, such as athletes in hot countries or military personnel exposed to extreme heat during exercises. However, it’s become very apparent in the last five to 10 years that due to climate change, more and more people in countries around the world are becoming exposed to similar extreme conditions and are at increasing risk.

You can read more about Professor Havenith’s work in this area by downloading the Physiology and Climate Change guide here.