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Covid measures on campus – information for Staff and Doctoral Researchers

While the number of Covid cases on our campuses is currently low, case numbers in the wider community remain high. Please remember to adhere to the following measures that will help to keep our campuses as safe as possible.

Face coverings

You must wear a face covering when moving around buildings on the University’s campuses. They are not generally needed when you are seated at your desk or working, unless you have to work in close proximity to others and have been specifically advised to wear face masks in these circumstances. If any staff – for example those in Security or in practical teaching sessions – have to be periodically less than 2m distance from students or colleagues, they will be offered FFP2 face masks. You should speak to your line manager if you feel you need one.

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering on health grounds you may wish to wear a lanyard which makes this clear. Further information is available on the website.

Physical distance

You should maintain physical distance in offices and other shared spaces on campus.

Meeting room capacities

The capacity limits on meeting rooms have been removed. However, all those in the meeting space should be able to be at least 2m apart from one another and the windows in the room should be opened to ensure the space is well ventilated. The Chair of the meeting should determine the maximum number of people that the room can accommodate and take an initiative to open any available windows.

In-person classes

We have continued to monitor our lecture room capacities and are now able to remove many of the remaining rotations (in which students attend in person and online in alternate weeks) where a staff member would wish to do so. As we move back to fully in person, we are also expecting that the number of simultaneous live MS Teams sessions available will reduce.

Reminding students to check in to lectures

As students attend more classes in-person, it’s even more important that they use our attendance check-in process. This helps us to quickly identify those students who may need extra support. Please proactively remind students at the start of your teaching sessions to check in using the myLboro app. Our key recommendation for making sure they successfully check-in is to make sure they’re connected to the eduroam WiFi and that their device’s Bluetooth is enabled. Our Attendance webpages have been updated to hopefully make things clearer for staff and students. Thank you for your help with this.