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LSU elections 2021

Loughborough Students’ Union elections

It’s almost time to vote for the next team of student leaders who will represent you as Executive Officers and Section Chairs during the next academic year.

Today the candidates have been revealed and each has written a manifesto to help you choose who to vote for. These outline their main goals and can help you find the candidate that aligns best with your views and needs, as well as who you think will be the best for the role.

If you don’t think any of the candidates represent you, there is the option to vote for RON (Re-Open Nominations). If a majority of students vote for RON, a by-election will be held to find a new group of candidates.

Voting opens at 9am on Tuesday 11 May and closes at 4pm on Friday 14 May. You can vote online at here.  

The results will be revealed on Friday night during a live-streamed event by LSU Media.