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Staff members invited to Change Academy 2021

This year the University will be hosting its eighth Change Academy, which will focus on supporting participants to review processes in their own area.

When choosing a project to bring to the Change Academy, we suggest that participants reflect on processes that we can see the need to change as a result of our experience over the last 14 months and as we move into the “new normal”.

Like many things now, this will be a pared-down event compared with previous years and will take place online via MSTeams.

The objectives of Change Academy 2021 are to:

  • Understand why improving processes is part of everyone’s job
  • Make colleagues aware of the process improvement method we use at Loughborough
  • Reflect on how we support colleagues through the change process
  • Support participants in using the method to improve processes in their area
  • Enable them to make further improvements and support colleagues in doing so.

Change Academy 2021 will comprise:

  • Participants agreeing on a local process to review with their line manager
  • Attendance at two Teams sessions held on Tuesday 22 June and Tuesday 6 July, both 1.30pm-3pm.
  • Preparation prior to the first session and some work to commence reviewing your processes between the two sessions.
  • Allocation of a “change buddy” from the Change Team to support participants and their project.

Director of Change Projects, Dr Anne Mumford said: “These sessions will give colleagues a good understanding of why it is important that we review our processes from the end user's perspective and will support people through the training and provide follow-up support to undertake improvements.

“It gives a great opportunity for people to work with colleagues in the Change Team as well as colleagues in your area to make improvements in a focused period of time.”

Follow this link to book your place via My.HR (please note you will need to login to the VPN to access this link off campus).

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Anne Mumford by emailing