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Sports technologist Federico Winer, new CEO at Inmotio

Loughborough London PhD student, Federico Winer, an expert in innovation and technologies applied to the sports industry, has been appointed as the new CEO of Inmotio Tracking B.V., a leading sports performance analytics company.

With two decades of experience in the sports and entertainment industry, Winer is on a mission to take Inmotio to a new level of technological development and expansion.

"Sports teams and federations need a 21st century data experience to develop talent," said Winer.

"Inmotio is well known for setting the standards in the player tracking industry, delivering the fastest and most accurate data-points. I am delighted to join as CEO to deliver world-class digital experience," added the Argentinean-Italian expert.

Winer will be responsible for managing the company's operational activities, implementing its strategic vision, and achieving its business objectives, while coordinating all employees.

With an Executive MBA from EADA/UCLA and developing a PhD in Data Analytics from Loughborough University's Institute of Sports Business, Winer has a deep understanding of how data and Artificial Intelligence can transform people's lives for the better, bringing a futuristic and pragmatic approach to the current challenges in sports performance and its business.

Federico takes over the position from Vincent van Renesse van Duivenbode, who will remain actively involved as Inmotio's business development manager.

"Since the acquisition of Inmotio in early 2019, we have been able to shift focus to deliver added value to our customers and re-establish Inmotio's strong position gained over the last decade. Together with the strong management team, I am very confident that Federico will continue on this path and be of great value to our clients," remarked the former CEO.

Winer has worked for multiple sports and entertainment companies during his career. His most recent role was Head of Entertainment Industries EMEA at SAP SE.  Prior to that, he was Chief Operating Officer and then Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Stats Perform (STATS LLC) in Europe and the CIS region.

His background adds management experience, product development vision and a large network of contacts to the Inmotio Tracking B.V. sales team.

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