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Planned maintenance: Single Sign-On (SSO) for my.HR and iTrent –Tuesday 13 July

To further enhance the security of our IT systems and improve the user experience IT Services will be implementing Single Sign On (SSO) for my.HR and iTrent on Tuesday 13 July.

Single Sign On (SSO) will reduce the number of times you have to enter your username and password and it will also evoke the Multi Factor Authentication (Duo mobile app) service when connecting. Therefore, when logging onto my.HR you might be asked to log onto the main university SSO page.

my.HR and iTrent will be unavailable on the morning of Tuesday 13 July while the work is being carried out. Once completed users will experience the following: 

On campus or connected via the University VPN Client

  • Login to your my.HR or iTrent account will be via the University Single Sign On system. Users of the Loughborough Windows service may not need to enter credentials, as under normal circumstances these are taken from the Windows login. Users of other operating systems such as MacOS will be directed via the standard campus Single Sign On login page as with many other University services.

Off campus (when not using the University VPN Client)

  • After this change, login via the my.HR self-service system will be possible without the use of the VPN Client, thus simplifying access. Users connecting to this service will be directed via the standard campus Single Sign On login service as used by many other University managed systems. This will include using the Loughborough Multi-Factor Authentication system (DUO). Users wishing to use the more general administrative/management features of iTrent should continue to use the campus VPN to access these services as before.

For those using shared accounts to log into a machine:

  • In order to access iTrent or my.HR, you will need to log out of the Windows shared login.
  • Log back in with your own username and password, and access my.HR or iTrent automatically via SSO.

Employees are reminded that it is important to ensure you sign out from Windows and not just your Web Browser on University devices if sharing with others.

The work is scheduled to take place between 8am-10am on Tuesday 13 July 2021.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact the IT Service Desk on

For information on the VPN service, please visit the IT Services website.

More information on Multi-Factor Authentication is available here