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Performance and Development Review 2021

The Performance and Development Review (PDR) cycle is now underway. This is an annual process that provides all staff who are eligible for a PDR with the valuable opportunity to reflect on their performance, potential and development needs.

Your reviewer will arrange a one-to-one meeting with you within the PDR period, which runs until 31st March. Everyone will need to have completed their PDR meeting and the associated documentation within this timeframe.

You will need to complete your PDR documentation through the online system and share it with your reviewer in advance of your meeting.

Your PDR meeting with your manager or reviewer will enable you both to reflect on the previous twelve months and have a meaningful conversation about the coming year.

You will agree objectives for both your performance and your development. When you’re considering the development you might need in the coming year, think broadly. Often a training course or workshop is not the best method. Consider opportunities that help to stretch you in your daily work – for example, acting as a mentor to others, or taking on new activities that help you to develop new skills. 

The Academic Leadership Team (ALT) has also agreed that everyone should have an Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) development objective. Suggestions can be found on the PDR website, under ‘New for 2021’.

As part of the PDR end of year review meeting you will be given a recommended rating – Exceeds expectations, Meets expectations, or Does not meet expectations. The descriptors for the ratings can be found on the PDR website.