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Doctoral Wellbeing Fortnight: Request for contributions

Following the success and feedback of the first Doctoral Wellbeing Week last year, plans are currently underway to organise an online event from 1-13 March 2021 to coincide with University Mental Health Day.

Aimed at Doctoral Researchers and those on the frontline of doctoral researcher support (e.g. supervisors), Loughborough’s Doctoral Wellbeing Fortnight will contain a diverse range of developmental workshops and activities to provide practical ways of enhancing doctoral wellbeing.

The plans for the programme are currently in their infancy and event organiser, Dr Katryna Kalawsky of the Doctoral College, is appealing to the goodwill of colleagues from both campuses to offer their expertise and time to contribute.

Speaking about the event, Katryna commented: “At Loughborough, we recognise and value the vast contributions that Doctoral Researchers make to the institution and beyond. To enable them to achieve their full potential, we need to take a proactive and reactive approach to support and enhance doctoral wellbeing.

“Whilst wellbeing is important 24/7, 365 days a week, the Doctoral Wellbeing Fortnight is an event which hopes to increase awareness of various support services available and equip our Doctoral Researchers with information and skills that they can apply throughout their doctorates and beyond.”

Katryna added: “The Doctoral Wellbeing Fortnight will be a collaborative effort with content very much dependant on what colleagues can offer. If you are a member of the Loughborough family (past or present) and are able to contribute towards the online programme in any capacity, please get in touch; all ideas aimed at supporting doctoral researchers and those on the front-line of their support are eagerly welcome.”

If you are willing and able to contribute, please contact Katryna by emailing by 20 January 2021.