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Lboro Innovation campaign

Alumni team launch #LboroInnovation campaign

From bringing products to market to creating interesting designs and developing services, the alumni community is full of innovation.

To highlight more amazing stories from alumni, the Engagement team in Marketing and Advancement is launching a new campaign, #LboroInnovation.

Championing the project, Alumni Advisory Board member Alan Vaughan Thomas (BTech Aeronautical Engineering and Design 1970) said: “I wanted us to delve deeper and find more stories of innovations within the alumni network. There are many more innovations out there.”

Alan has already shared one of his innovations, the pop-up bonnet, which has supported pedestrian safety. Alongside this, there are stories from alumnus Dr Tom Karen OBE, the designer of the Raleigh Chopper bicycle and other recognisable 1970s products, and Sarah Davies, who has designed a keyboard that helps people with disabilities to type more accurately.

The campaign is seeking stories from alumni across all industries and degree backgrounds. Alumni are being encouraged to share stories of original designs or products, innovative ways of thinking in the workplace, or new services. There is no limit to the types of innovation this project may explore.

You will find some of our #LboroInnovation stories on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

We’d be grateful if you could like, comment, and share these on the University’s various social media accounts, and amongst your Loughborough friends on your own accounts too.

Alumni are a key stakeholder to the University and help us to offer a portfolio of fantastic opportunities to current students. It is important for us to engage with alumni in meaningful and creative ways to keep them in touch with the University.

You can also share our alumni update form to encourage alumni to keep their details up-to-date and full details of #LboroInnovation are available online.

If you have any questions, please email Alumni Relations.