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Students: Make sure you have completed the census

The deadline for the 2021 census is 30 April and if you don’t complete it you could be fined.

The census runs every 10 years in England and Wales to collect information about households to better understand the needs of communities. This information informs funding decisions like university campus bus links, bicycle lanes and jobs.

By filling out the census for your term-time address you will be helping to ensure that the student community gets the services it needs.

You will have received a letter with an access code for your term-time address which you can use to fill out the form online.

Please note all students living in halls of residence will be required to pick up their letter from the University Mailroom located in the Herbert Manzoni Building if they haven’t already. You should have received an email to confirm this. Please note you must collect it yourself. More information on mailroom opening times can be found here.

If you cannot find your access code to fill out the Census, you can request a new code here.

Please note if you are currently living at home you will be included in both your home address and term-time address census questionnaire.

If you are an international student you should still be included in the census if:

  • You intend to or have been studying in the UK for at least three months
  • You are not currently in the UK but attended in person in the Autumn 2020 term or Winter 2021 term and still have a formal agreement to stay at your term-time accommodation

You can find out what to do for your specific situation here.