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Illustrative graphic of stationery items including pins, clipboards, paperclips with info on how the new scheme will work

New scheme helps teams to re-use unwanted stationery and save money as part of collaborative project

A new scheme which has been developed by various teams across the University will help staff become more sustainable whilst also saving money for their Schools and Departments too.

The idea first began when the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering contacted the Sustainability team after they realised they had a lot of used stationery folders which were surplus to requirements but still in a good condition.

Eager to help, the Sustainability team spoke with Creative and Print Services to see if a solution could be offered to ensure unwanted items that remained useable could be reused across the University.

As a result, Creative and Print Services have agreed to promote these reusable stationery items through their online store, which staff can claim and have delivered at no extra cost. Not only will it save teams money, but it will also save the University money by reducing waste disposal costs too.

Examples of stationery items that can be reused include ring binders, lever arch files, box files, dividers, envelopes, wallets, and also  hole punches, staplers, bulldog clips and other miscellaneous stationery.

What to do if you have unwanted stationery in your area:

  • If you have any of the stationery listed above which is surplus to requirements (it can be new or used, but it must be in a good condition and not broken), contact Creative and Print Services (call 01509 222190 or email and they will come to collect it. Small volumes of items such as a single box file can be placed with your Department’s mail room bag and labelled for reuse.

What to do if you need stationery:

  • If you require stationery, consider visiting Creative and Print’s online store before ordering new from suppliers. By doing so, not only will your actions be more sustainable but you will save your Department money too.  Order what you need based on availability, and the mailroom team will deliver it with your post.
  • By ordering through the scheme all items will be free, however should you wish to donate to the Student Hardship Fund there is an option on the online store to do this.

Helen Clarke, Print and Post Services Manager said: “Reusing things helps to reduce cost, cut waste and makes sure we get the most out of what we own. I was taught to reuse wherever I can, so am personally pleased that my team has the opportunity to be at the heart of this re-use solution. Our campus deserves the best from us, and this certainly ticks a box for me.”

Environmental Manager, Nik Hunt added: “It is fantastic news that colleagues are considering reuse opportunities, and the support received to deliver this solution made it a good news story to share. Stationery is often hard to recycle being made up of several materials, so when it is still reusable it’s great that we can offer this to other teams across the University, and in this case we have 30 boxes of folders which are now available for reuse.”

Encouraging reuse of items supports the University’s Environmental Policy, as well as its Waste Management Strategy. This scheme also supports Goal 12 (Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns) of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To find out more about the work of the Sustainability team, visit their website, the Sustainably Speaking blog or read the latest newsletter.