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Decommissioning of the University Intranet

The University Intranet was launched in 1999 at a very different time without the collaboration software we have now. It has been largely superseded by the Terminal 4 CMS (Content Management System) publishing to the secure areas of the website, and collaboration tools such as Office 365.

The Intranet contains mainly legacy content, which is no longer current, is duplicated elsewhere, or is orphaned due to colleagues moving to roles elsewhere in the University.

IT Services can no longer apply Information Security patches at the end of November on this software which is 20 years old. Therefore, a project to decommission the Intranet has been approved by the University.

Please note that this work will not affect web pages published through the University Terminal 4 CMS, or web content published for current staff and students starting with and

Colleagues from IT Services will start contacting those registered as Intranet content authors by the end of the calendar year. 

Once contacted, information will be made available on what content is being regularly used and where it is being linked from. This will allow IT colleagues to work together with content owners directly to archive or delete old content and move required content to either the University CMS or to Office 365. 

If you have any immediate questions, please contact Matt Cook in IT Services.