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Photo of Hannah Wilson's work shortlisted as part of the Global Graduate Design Show Awards

'View' by Hannah Wilson

Creative Arts alumni shortlisted in Global Graduate Design Show Awards

Six 2020 graduates from the School of Creative Arts have been shortlisted in ARTSTHREAD’s first-ever online degree show, the Global Graduate Design Show.

The show, which has been launched in response to end of year show cancellations in collaboration with Gucci, invited arts graduates from around the world to share their work. More than 4,000 students shared their projects, and now ARTSTHREAD has curated a special selection of shortlisted designers and artists to be viewed and judged by the public.

Across fashion and textiles, graphic design, illustration, and fine art, six graduates have had their work shortlisted:

Francesca Edwards, BA Fine Art

In her project “Light Painting Triptych”, Francesca explores the interaction between physical and digital colour, allowing the eye to experience how changes in light can transform painted colours.

Hannah McCleave, BA Textiles: Innovation and Design

Hannah’s project, “Searching for Divinity” explores this idea of an overwhelming power and trying to manipulate the uncontrollable.

Ali Myers, BA Graphic Communication and Illustration

Ali’s project is a children’s storybook. “Look, It’s the Wild” is for children for ages 4-8 and features interactive elements that illuminate the night-time story.

Harriet O’Hegarty, BA Fine Art

“My Family” is a series representing the personality of individuals through the medium of paint. Harriet works to portray who the person is, rather than just achieving a likeness.

Hollie Upton, BA Fine Art

“The Bathroom” is a series that utilises the bathroom as a physical space – chosen by Hollie as a foundation because of its symbolic association with cleansing.

Hannah Wilson, BA Fine Art

In Hannah’s project “View” (pictured), windows act as a framing device through which to view landscapes. Her cropped photographs fall in a grey area between landscape and interiors.

Voting closes on 14 September. Find out more online.