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Loughborough launches furniture reuse portal to aid sustainability

The web portal, WARPit (Waste Action Reuse Portal), launched on 1 October and has been designed specifically to encourage the reuse of items, particularly furniture.

Operating at both an internal and external level it enables resources to be promoted within the University before they are offered to partner organisations or the wider WARPit community. 

All items on the site are free, saving money for departments and furnishing spaces in a more sustainably conscious way.

Below are a couple of ways in which teams at Loughborough have already utilised second hand furniture.

In 2018 the Sustainability Team moved from its office space in the FM Building to its current office space within the Campus Service Building next to the Student Accommodation Centre. With reuse in mind the team sought to furnish the office with items that had been left over from the Wavy Top refurbishment. The team estimates that this saved approximately £2000 which, when combined with a decision to clean rather than replace the existing carpet, saved the University around £2500 in purchases and disposal costs. 

SDC recently refurbished a board room, saving an estimated £6,000 by reusing items rather than purchasing new. They chose a board room table and chairs that were no longer needed in Hazlerigg and Teaching Support were able to give them a large TV that was surplus to use.

Mark Davies, Sports Capital Strategy and Maintenance Manager said: “We now have an environment that is fit for the department to use for internal, and more importantly, external meetings.”

More details on WARPit, Loughborough University’s Kit-Catalogue and how they support the Waste Strategy can be seen in the next edition of the Sustainability newsletter.