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Staying safe online – Cyber Security Awareness Month

As part of Cyber Security Month, IT Services is aiming to raise awareness around cyber security threats and to promote good cyber security practices across the University.

Loughborough has been working hard to protect University systems and its users from such threats. However, staff and students also have a key role to play in helping to maintain the security and integrity of University data and its systems.  

Digital services support our everyday lives and cyber security impacts everyone. Keeping your work identity, online presence, banking, and devices free from harm online and offline - whether you’re studying, at work, out having fun or relaxing - all play a part in helping to reduce and eliminate online threats. 

Throughout October, we will be sharing some of our top tips to help you protect University data and its systems, as well as your online identity, devices, and information. 

Watch the video below to get a head start on the actions you can take now to protect yourself and the University:


National campaigns also provide plenty of comprehensive, easy-to-follow advice about online safety for university students. Find out more here.   

If you have any queries about staying safe online, contact IT Services by emailing