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Cyber Security Awareness Month: Phishing and Ransomware

Think before you click.

Don’t give out personal or financial information without stopping and checking you know who the email is from and the email address it came from.

There are several signs to spot if it is fake:

  • Requesting personal information such as your PIN or password
  • Contains poor spelling and grammar
  • Claims to offer something that is too good to be true, for example, “Congratulations You are a Winner…”
  • Contains generic greetings such as 'Dear Bank Customer' or 'Dear Email User'
  • A suspicious link is embedded in the email

If you suspect you have recieved a phishing email, please forward it to

Stay protected from ransomware - do not click on suspicious links in emails. Be sure to back up your data on a regular basis in case a restore is required. 

If you have any queries about staying safe online, contact IT Services by emailing