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A one-off opportunity for all aspiring sports photographers with LU Arts

Have you always wanted to learn what it takes to capture that perfect moment during a tense race or a captivating match?

LU Arts are offering students and staff the opportunity to master the skills and techniques of sports photography with award-winning, international sports photographer Ben Lumley in an upcoming four-week masterclass.

Not only that, but your work will feature in an exhibition on campus later in the year too.

Ben – who has worked with brands, events and athletes to produce stand-out marketing and PR images – will share his knowledge and skills of how to capture live action images. He was awarded 2020 Sports Photographer of the Year at the British Photography Awards and has covered a huge variety of sports including athletics, swimming, cricket, cycling, triathlon and netball.

You’ll start with a classroom-based session looking at composition and capturing of strong images using lots of historical references. This will be followed by two sessions in the field – literally! You’ll be taking photographs of various sports on campus but concentrating on rugby and football. The final session in a digital lab will show you how to do editing and post-production.

You will need access to a SLR camera, which you will need to bring you with to each session. This opportunity is open to current Loughborough University students and staff members.

The cost of this masterclass series is £12 and you can book your place online.

Please note that you cannot sign up for individual sessions, you must be able to attend all four weeks, so check you are available for the dates, times and venues for each week listed below.

Course outline:

  • Wednesday 11 November, 2pm–4pm: Introduction to sports photography (MAR106, Matthew Arnold)
  • Wednesday 18 November, 5.30pm-8.30pm – Practical session (on campus)
  • Thursday 26 November, 5.30pm-8.30pm – Practical session (on campus)
  • Wednesday 2 December, 2pm-5pm – Editing and post-production (room TBC)

More information on what each session will entail can be found here.