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Upcoming meditation and positive thinking sessions

Organisational Development in collaboration with the Centre of Faith and Spirituality is delighted to announce there will be two upcoming opportunities to attend sessions on mindfulness and positive thinking, which are available for all staff to book onto.

These will be delivered by Natalie Steele, who is an experienced teacher of wellbeing and meditation having been practising these arts for many years.

Positive Thinking

After a very successful pilot of the Positive Thinking course, we are now thrilled to offer more dates going into 2021. 

The Positive Thinking course will take place online as four 45-minute sessions, taking place once a week for four weeks, with an optional 15 minutes for discussion and reflective time with Natalie and Nadine Skinner from Organisational Development.

The course will cover exploring the mind, recognising the influences on our thinking, developing positive self-awareness and positivity in action. 

As part of this, you will learn to:

  • Understand that you can create good thoughts and change negative thoughts patterns.
  • Identify that negativity can harm your mind, body, and relationships.
  • How to positivity improve concentration levels and achieve better quality sleep.
  • Develop new skills when handling challenging situations and people as you learn to focus on the solution rather than the problem.
  • Consider how this is linked to the words and actions you use, and how thinking positively can greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of your work life and home life - as they both impact each other.

Book your place now via my.HR. Please ensure you can attend all four dates before booking on.


We are excited to announce our new online session for meditation. Meditation is an experience that can positively impact your overall wellbeing.

It’s inevitable to experience stressful moments throughout the day, but it’s how we deal with stressful moments that may be most important.

From technology to work and relationships, there is a never-ending list of things that bombard most of us on a daily basis. A short, calming guided meditation can be incredibly helpful and set us up for the day ahead.

Register your place on my.HR.

If you require further information please contact Organisational Development or Nadine at