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Loughborough wins Occupational Health Team of the year

The Occupational Health and Wellbeing Awards crowned Loughborough as the Occupational Health Team (private sector) of the year.

This is due to the extensive work that has been put in over the last two years to address areas that needed improvement. Dr Steve Boorman was commissioned to identify these areas and data showed that mental health and musculoskeletal disorders were the top reasons for reporting an issue.

Specific solutions were implemented to address these issues include the introduction of access to physiotherapy on campus and the expansion of the student counselling service to include staff.

A number of initiatives were launched or improved including:

A health and wellbeing steering group and a smoking cessation support group were also set up to support staff’s physical and mental wellbeing.

The judges of the awards said: “This entry showed evidence of a total overhaul of the service, including an increase in referrals of 300% and success in bringing employees who had been absent from the business for more than two years, back to work.”

Sarah Van-Zoelen, Occupational Health and Wellbeing manager said: “We were absolutely thrilled to be recognised by our peers, it really shows our journey over the last two years and the efforts we have put in to raise the profile of employee health and wellbeing here at Loughborough. We look forward to developing the service further and continuing to develop the wellbeing framework within the People Strategy.”

Neil Budworth, Head of Health and Safety said: “It is hugely satisfying to win this award. I am humbled by the enthusiasm, expertise and sheer effort of the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Team and I know that they are making a positive difference to the University through their efforts.”

More information on the awards is available here.