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Students living on campus: How to get a replacement wristband

For all students living on our Loughborough campus, you will have been provided with a coloured wristband stating the household you are living in.

Students are required to keep these bands on at all times (except whilst playing sport) so that they have a physical reminder of which household they belong to help staff and other students identify them, and to ensure health and safety measures can be followed and maintained to the highest standards by everyone.

Recently, it has been noted some students have taken their bands off outside of sporting activities. Those who are removing their wristbands risk losing them.

Please note University Security staff will be checking wristbands regularly, and if students are found by members of our Security team to not be wearing a wristband, they may be penalised with a fine of £50.

Due to the frequency that this has been occurring, students will now be charged for future replacement bands.

To obtain a new wristband you will need to visit Creative and Print Services, which is located in the Herbert Manzoni Building. Alternatively, you can visit the Online Shop to pre-order what wristband you need and collect it shortly after.

You will no longer be required to contact your Hall Warden or Hall Manager regarding this.

Replacement wristbands cost £3 and a proportion of this will be donated to the Student Hardship Fund. 

This service will be available from Wednesday 14 October.

Outside of opening hours at the Herbert Manzoni Building (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday), temporary wristbands can be obtained by contacting the Security gatehouse.