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Enactus Loughborough complete the Summer Action Challenge

The Loughborough branch of social enterprise society Enactus came runners up in the organisation’s national Summer Action challenge which saw them complete a variety of tasks to develop their members’ skills and grow the society.

The tasks included:

  • Creating a five-week recruitment plan
  • Organising and creating partnerships with alumni and potential advisors
  • Setting out a strategy with SMART goals for the year ahead
  • Creating an event planner
  • Running virtual team meetings to keep engagement

Each completed task earned the team points and they worked hard to place as runners up.

President of Enactus Loughborough, Robert McKinna said: “I am so happy we have gained this achievement within the circumstances that COVID-19 has created. I couldn't be prouder of the committee and I know that this puts us in a great position for the year ahead.”

Enactus is a worldwide society that focuses on creating social enterprise projects for students to get involved in. At Loughborough, there are three main projects and these have been sustained by the 12 members throughout lockdown.

For more information on Enactus Loughborough or to join the society please visit their website here.