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Black History Month: Student shares her story for prospective students

As part of Black History Month, the School and College Liaison Team have worked with current Accounting and Financial Management student, Demitta, to create a short vlog sharing her experience of applying to University as a BAME student.

Demitta explains how seriously she took her research when applying for her top five universities during sixth form as part of the UCAS process, and was impressed by the reputation of Loughborough with its sports facilities and league table rankings, as well as the location which would be close to her friends at other universities.

Despite feeling Loughborough was the right fit for her, she initially had concerns about the lack of diversity and opportunities for Black people compared to other universities she had visited.

However, a group of second-year students from the African Caribbean Society committee at Loughborough created a forum for incoming students of African or Caribbean descent to ease the pressure of making friends. Demitta explains how this made her feel so welcome and comfortable upon arriving at Loughborough and helped with the concerns she had. 

In the vlog, she also talks about accommodation and the kindness of others in the first few weeks of starting university, and offers her advice for other Black prospective students who might feel nervous about starting university and the platforms they can get involved in beforehand.