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Loughborough students to take part in 24-hour US election livestream

Four students will take part in Decision 2020, a Youtube livestream hosted by the University of South Wales in partnership with Loughborough University and Academic Live Review.

Thirteen universities from across the globe will present academic analysis and will debate on topics surrounding the US Election, with breaking news updates throughout to keep viewers informed on the latest from the United States. 

The livestream will begin at 9pm on 3 November and continue until 9pm the following day. Loughborough University will have a 90 minute slot, beginning at 12.40pm on 4 November. 

Essivi Kossi, who will be producing the Loughborough segment, commented: “Decision 2020 will be a great opportunity for Loughborough students to present their diverse opinions and perspectives on an important topic which affects the whole world today.  

“Centred around the upcoming US election, we will be discussing whether the US remains the dominant power that we have watched it become.  

“Whether you are interested in economics, domestic politics, foreign policy or just the US election, the livestream will definitely have something for you.” 

You can watch the promotional video below: