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Reminder: Disciplinary action for those who breach coronavirus rules

The vast majority of the student community at Loughborough continue to behave responsibly, protecting themselves and others. We are hugely grateful for this and thank you for respecting our staff, students and the local community.

However, a small minority of individuals have recently shown an unacceptable disregard of others in how they have behaved, and as a result are facing disciplinary action. This is likely to result in these students having their studies suspended for the rest of the academic year.

Some of these cases refer to students holding gatherings that breach government restrictions. Others are students who were supposed to self-isolating yet chose to mix with others, despite knowing they may be putting others at risk.

As a University, it is our priority that our staff and students feel safe at all times and the risk of contracting coronavirus is reduced where possible, so we can continue to run our services and facilities smoothly. As a result, we will make sure to take robust action where poor behaviour jeopardises the welfare of others in our community.