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Diwali celebration promo poster

Light Up Loughborough

Loughborough University and Loughborough Students’ Union are running a campaign from 12-15 November to celebrate Diwali by creating a wave of light across the campus and the wider community.

Staff, students and the local community are encouraged to decorate their front windows and offices with lights and artwork to spread positivity and the message of Diwali.

There will be prizes for the best-dressed window so make sure you send your photos to Loughborough’s Asian Society on Instagram or Facebook.

LU Arts will be joining in with the celebrations by hosting two online workshops that will enable students to learn new skills.

 The events are as follows:

Both workshops will be streamed via Facebook Live to the LU Arts Facebook page.

Shre Tewari, Ethnic Minorities Officer said: "Diwali, the Festival of Lights is celebrated globally to signify the triumph of good over evil. We believe it is important that the metaphorical meaning of this festival is internalised as well. During Diwali, we feel it is important that we each begin our individual journeys to end darkness in our lives, replacing it with love, brightness and light. The Ethnic Minorities Network, International Students Network and the Asian Society encourage you to join us as we celebrate this festival."