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Fast-turnaround, asymptomatic testing on campus

Fast-turnaround testing for Covid-19 is now available on the Loughborough campus. This testing programme is for Loughborough University students who do not have symptoms of Covid-19 but need or wish to know whether they are Covid-19 positive or not.

You may particularly want to consider taking a test if you will be mixing with family and/or friends over the Christmas period who may be more vulnerable to Covid-19. You may need to take one if you are planning to travel overseas and require documentation to prove that you are Covid-19 negative. You should also take a test if you are planning to travel back on public transport.

The test should be booked as close to the point of your departure as possible.

It is an optional and free of charge service. Please note that if you test positive you will need to self-isolate in Loughborough in accordance with the Government's rules for 10 days. This is particularly important to note if you are planning to have a test after 13th December.

The University is also offering PCR tests for students who intend to travel internationally.

Further information, including details of how to book a test, is available on the website. A PCR test can be booked using the same form detailed on the website.