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Covid-19 related support available for students

It is more important than ever, considering the recent announcements, that we are flexible in our approach to supporting you through this period of time.

The University’s Student Services team has changed their referral form to capture concerns which are specific to Covid-19 so that they can prioritise appropriately.

Below is a list of the support they are offering in addition to what they do normally:

  • They are running groups for self-isolating students which focuses on the support available and coping strategies. These are available to book online here
  • 1:1 Covid-19 support appointments: These are to support any student, self-isolating or not, who is struggling with anxiety related to Covid-19, whether that be a positive test, flatmate issues or fear for your loved ones as an example
  • They also have recently launched a general Covid-19 support group for all students

All of this support, Covid-19 related or otherwise, can be accessed by filling out a wellbeing referral form.

In addition to the above, there is a host of self-help information available on our webpages. We also encourage students to download our app, LU Wellbeing, as well as Student Space. Both of these contain great resources which you may find beneficial.