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Semester 2 remote examinations: Timetable now available

We are pleased to advise that, as scheduled, the timetable for Semester 2 examinations is now available on LEARN, under ‘Exams & Assessments’.

As you will be aware from previous communications, all examinations this Semester will be administered remotely through LEARN. It is important that you consult your timetable carefully and ensure you understand each examination’s remote assessment type:

1a – Your exam will be an open book, long window exam. You will have 23 hours to complete and submit your work. All 1a exams will be available from 10.00am (BST) and must be submitted by 09.00am (BST) the following day.

You are not expected to spend the full window working on your exam. How you manage your time within this window is up to you, but the exam paper will advise you of the expected amount of time to spend working on the paper. If you have extra time or rest breaks as part of a Reasonable Adjustment, you will need to add this to the amount of time you are expected to spend on the paper, but this will fall well within the 23-hour window.

1b – Your exam will be an open book, short window exam. You will have the normal amount of time to take the paper as if it were an exam, plus 1 hour. The additional hour takes into account the need for you to download, complete the exam offline and then submit your answers to Learn.

All 1b exams will start at 09.30am (BST). The final submission time displayed on your timetable is personal to you. It includes the additional hour, plus any extra time or rest breaks you have as part of a Reasonable Adjustment.

If you have any queries about your timetable or module registrations, please contact your programme administrator.

If you have any queries about Remote Assessments and their format, or want to revisit our four Safety Nets for students, please refer to the FAQs here.

You are reminded that the University expects all students to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity during the conduct of all assessment processes. Please refer to the FAQ ‘How will you stop cheating?’ for further information.

You will have the chance to enter the virtual exam environment prior to your first exam in order to get used to the system, which is based on the mechanism by which you normally submit coursework through our virtual learning environment, LEARN, and therefore should be familiar to you.

Although the campus is not open to students at the moment, we are still keen to support you and our services to students are still available. There is lots of useful information on the University’s Coronavirus website including guidance on learning remotely, access to campus IT and Library facilities as well as mathematics support, mental health and personal skills development.

Points of contact for individual guidance and information are also provided. You can find some useful self-help resources here and you can also access support from our mental wellbeing teams should you wish to speak with someone about your health and wellbeing concerns. If you ever feel that you are in crisis or need help urgently please see the information here.

Please note that if you are genuinely concerned about your access to appropriate technology, please contact us as soon as possible by email to let us know so that we can support you. Please also be reassured that we will have back up plans in place should you have a technology issue on the day of a remote exam, and we will provide details in further guidance shortly.

We would also like to remind you that we have previously offered alternative options for completing the academic year should you wish to do so. The deadline to apply is Monday 4th May.